Palace of Ice - Corruption of Champions II (2024)

Palace of Ice

Map of Palace of Ice F1

RegionWinter City
Level range5+
Accessible fromWinter City
Neutral HubYes (after dungeon cleared)

You stand in the shadows of the great ice-palace of the Winter City, a towering structure of blue spires rising from the face of a glacial wall that shields the northern half of the city, much as the ravine protects the south. There is a solid wood gate here, open and guarded by a pair of boreal elves in heavy armor and bearing war-spears.

The Palace of Ice is the seat of power of the Boreal Elves. Queen Alissa and the rest of the palace succumbed to Kasyrra's corruption, forcing Princess Etheryn to flee and seek out your help. Infiltrating the palace is the final dungeon of Act One. After Queen Alissa is driven out, the palace becomes a neutral hub for you and your allies.


  • 1 Writer Credit
  • 2 Residents
    • 2.1 Catacombs
  • 3 Points of Interest
    • 3.1 Basem*nt
      • 3.1.1 Royal Vault
      • 3.1.2 Royal Catacombs
    • 3.2 Floor 1
      • 3.2.1 Wine Cellar
      • 3.2.2 Throne Room
      • 3.2.3 Chapel of Lumia
      • 3.2.4 Entrance Hallway
      • 3.2.5 Grand Ballroom
    • 3.3 Floor 2
      • 3.3.1 Alissa's Bedroom
      • 3.3.2 Etheryn's Bedroom
    • 3.4 Roof
      • 3.4.1 Rooftop Balcony
    • 3.5 Lower Catacombs
      • 3.5.1 Entrance
      • 3.5.2 Statue of Lumia
      • 3.5.3 Harem Chambers
      • 3.5.4 Consort Chambers
      • 3.5.5 Royal Chambers
  • 4 Quest Related
    • 4.1 In Her Footsteps
    • 4.2 Specter of the Wyld
    • 4.3 The Wyld Hunt

Writer Credit



  • Queen Alissa (until dungeon is cleared)
  • High Priestess Elthara
  • Huntsmaster Elyon
  • Princess Etheryn
  • Hethia
  • Guard-Captain Jael'yn (until dungeon is cleared)
  • Kasyrra (until dungeon is cleared)
  • Elf Guards


The spirits in the catacombs are encountered and dismissed from this plane during Specter of the Wyld

  • Queen Atheldred
  • Synneva
  • Harem Spirits
  • Sunlight Warriors

Points of Interest



Map of Basem*nt

Royal Vault

The interior of the palace's vault is a stark, polished square of ice deep inside the glacier into which the structure was built.The interior of the vault is... surprisingly empty. A few gems and old golden coins are scattered around, but it would seem that the royal family isn't nearly as wealthy as they'd like their subjects to believe.

The Royal Vault containing Etheryn's Queenly Raiment set is on the east pathway. To open it, you will need Etheryn present, and to use Ryn's Blood or Ryn's Cum as the 'Kingly Essence' to unseal the magic lock.

Royal Catacombs

The royal catacombs stand before you, at the bottom of an open set of stairs and guarded by a pair of huge, broad-chested elven warrior-statues. Two large tombs are laid solemnly side by side within the chamber, each with a crowned headstone looming over it."Mother... father..." Ryn whispers, bowing her head to the tombs.

The entrance to the Catacombs is on the southernmost square of this floor, and is navigable during the events of Specter of the Wyld.

Floor 1

Wine Cellar

The castle wine cellar is a single large room built into the ice, connected to the southern palace by a flight of broad steps. Several large wooden casks line the frozen walls, filled with rich wines... though considering how isolated the Winter City is, and the climate of the region, you're not sure where they're getting all this wine. Some sort of wintery vineyard hidden away in the tundra?

When you infiltrate the palace, you end up in the Wine Cellar at the end of the eastern path of the floor. Just south is the stairway to the basem*nt, and you and the party can Take a Drink here to enjoy the vintage and grant a party-wide Winterberry Wine boon.

Throne Room

The palace's throne room is a massive chamber of blue stone, with walls covered in cool-hued tapestries. Stands on either side give room for nobility to view the goings-ons from comfort, while the floor below is covered with carpets made of wild animal hides for standing room. Beneath the stands, Jael'yn constructed a set of stockades, big enough for two at a time. They're currently empty, but had your fight gone another way...A massive throne made of enchanted ice sits atop a tiered dias, overlooking the chamber with regal majesty.

The Throne Room is at the centre of the intersection. During the infiltration, Guard Captain Jael'yn will be here with a retinue of Elf Guards and her harem. Once the dungeon has been resolved, the newly appointed Princess-Regent Etheryn will take the throne and be available here for some interactions not available in The Frost Hound.

Chapel of Lumia

The chapel of Lumia dominates the far western wing of the palace, with a golden-hued altar beneath a truly massive effigy of the sun; each of its fiery tendrils is tipped with a burning candle. The chapel has been cleaned up considerably since your first encounters here, and a handful of golden-robed acolytes are tending to the myriad candles simulating the sun's shine behind the altar. High priestess Elthara is supervising them, but makes time you give you an inviting smile when she can.

Elthara is to the west during the infiltration, half-conscious across her altar with a sizeable dick-scepter implanted inside her. She's cleaned up afterwards, and can be interacted with in the same location.

Entrance Hallway

A wide, sweeping hallway connects the southern doors to the throne room north of you. A lush blue carpet sprawls out over the cold stone floor, and heavy tapestries in a myriad of bright colors attempt to add a little warmth to the hall.

Just to the south of the Throne Room, Hethia can be found after the events of the infiltration in her new role as ambassador for the druids.

Grand Ballroom

The grand ballroom sits in the heart of the Palace of Ice, a sweeping stone-floored chambered richly adorned with rugs and regal tapestries. A pair of curving stairs on the north wall lead up towards the second floor, the royal chambers, as well as a second floor that rings the entire ballroom with room for crowds of nobles to gaze down on the dancers below.

The Grand Ballroom is to the north, and the site of the primary confrontation with Kasyrra and Queen Alissa during the infiltration. Initially, the room is sealed with a strange, carnal lock which can only be opened with the scepter you 'retrieve' from Elthara.

After the dungeon has been cleared, Elyon can be found here if you meet the conditions to encounter him.

Floor 2

Floor 2

Map of F2

Alissa's Bedroom

The royal bedchambers of the elven queen are lavish by any standard, dominated by a veiled bed large enough for a dozen lovers to mingle in, as well as several polar bear-hide rugs to cover the ice-blue floors. Tapestries depicting Alissa herself in various heroic poses adorn the walls, but since the queen's corruption, they've been splattered by unknowable amounts of cum and other sexual fluids, leaving them mere ruins.A truly immense collection of dild*s are arranged all over the queen's dressers and desk, wood and glass and bronze modeled after every conceivable type of co*ck and some that are pure fantasy. They've all been well used, judging by the heady sexual smell emanating from... well, everywhere in the room, if you're being honest. If it weren't for the sheer expense of everything within the chamber, it would look and feel more like a brothel mistress's room instead of a queen's.

Alissa's chambers are the north-west corner of the floor. Depending on the events of In Her Footsteps, you can further defile them with Kasyrra. Afterwards, you can Take Armor to loot Alissa's Royal Leathers and re-fit them for yourself.

Etheryn's Bedroom

Etheryn's personal chambers are relatively modest compared to her big sister's lavish sex-palace. She has a simple double bed pressed against one wall, covered by a thick fur throw blanket, a nearly human-sized pillow, and her new leothran plushie, Nisse.A bookshelf and desk fill up the adjacent wall. Several tomes on falconry and bird-care are still open on the desk where she's left them. A brass falcon-cage is hanging from the ceiling beside the desk, currently occupied by Harrick. The war-bird gives you a screech in acknowledgement.

Etheryn's chambers are to the east of her sister's. You can go on a Panty Raid here to examine her lingerie and unlock a scene with her if she's present.



Map of the Roof

Rooftop Balcony

A large balcony, carved from the glacial ice, stands proudly over the Winter City. You can see the entire town from up here, and past the walls and into the Frostwood beyond the city's protective ravine.All around you are the icy spires of the palatial roofs.

This area is only accessible during the initial infiltration of the palace, through the staircase to the east of F2. Here above the palace, in full view of the citizenry below, Queen Alissa loses her soul giving birth to Kasyrra's corrupted spawn and becomes a demon. This is the end of the dungeon and Act One.

Lower Catacombs

Lower Catacombs

Map of the Catacombs


You stand at the bottom of the stairs leading down into these lower depths of the royal crypt. Before you stretches a long corridor, dark as night, lined with shelf-like hollows where the ancient dead were laid to rest.The skeletons have been preserved remarkably well by the frigid glacier the palace was built into. Thanks to Elthara's light you can, unfortunately, see the ghastly grin of skulls leering down at you from all angles.

During Specter of the Wyld, you enter the lower catacombs to the south of the floor. A ghostly wall cuts you off from the surface until you've resolved the spectral lover's quarrel compromising the glacier the palace is built into.

Statue of Lumia

You stand before a statue of Lumia, goddess of sunlight... at least, that's the closest approximation you can imagine. It's an elven woman, tall and slender and regal-looking, holding aloft a beacon of flame in one hand, with a scythe couched under her other armor. The goddess's armor has been painted gold, and her hair is flaxen-blonde, but otherwise the stone has worn to colorless grey.There are four corridors branching from this central chamber: south leads back to the stairs; east and west branch off into smaller corridors with somewhat less adornment than you've seen so far; to the north the tomb becomes wider and leads up to a set of stairs, maybe five feet high, beneath a vaulted arch.

In the central intersection, you are attacked by the Sunlight Warriors.

Harem Chambers

The harem's grave is a deep circular chamber, with a floor perhaps fifty feet below you. The walls are ringed with stairs, leading down in the dark depths of the ice. All the skeletons here are adorned with rich silk and jewels, proof that once upon a time they were favored and beloved. What silks that have not been eaten by moths have long since rotted away, barely recognisable as the finery they once were, but the jewelry has gained no tarnish in the intervening centuries.

Down the east corridor is the harem's burial chambers. Here, you have the option to Investigate, triggering an encounter with restless Harem Spirits with the opportunity to put them to rest and gain loot.

Consort Chambers

You're inside the royal crypts underneath the Winter City, half-buried under the glacier. Skeletons are set deep into the walls on either side of you, where the dead are laid to rest. Those entombed here are adorned in luxurious silks, bangles, and gems... but no crowns or royal shrouds. Perhaps the consorts of the kings and queens of winter are buried here?You can still see the guardian statue and her light back east. To the north, there are more tombs.

Down the west corridor, you encounter Consort Synneva. You have to come here and put her to rest to access the north corridor and complete the dungeon.

Royal Chambers

The burial hollows in the walls of this wide-open chamber are far filled by skeletons adorned in kingly raiment, bedecked in jewels and silken burial shrouds. At the center of the chamber, just north of where you stand, is a raised platform on which sits a row of sarcophagi made entirely of sculpted ice.

To the north, only accessible after dealing with Synneva, is Queen Atheldred. Putting her to spirit, however achieved, will disperse the barrier keeping you trapped in the catacombs.

Quest Related

In Her Footsteps

As part of your quest to foil Kasyrra's nefarious dealings and/or have sex with her again, you must infiltrate the Palace of Ice with Etheryn's assistance to confront Kasyrra and Queen Alissa.

Specter of the Wyld

Once you've driven out the corruption at the heart of the palace, the echoes of the past threaten to rise up and destroy everything you've achieved. You, Etheryn, Elthara, and Hethia must travel down into the depths of the catacombs to put the past to rest.

The Wyld Hunt

Etheryn asks you to do a favour to help a civil servant of the palace and her friend, Elyon. You'll need to look into an incident from Elyon and the royal family's past.

Palace of Ice - Corruption of Champions II (2024)
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