John Wick: Chapter 4 release date and everything we know so far (2024)

John Wick: Chapter 4 release date and everything we know so far (1)

John Wick Chapter 4 is here — and so is our John Wick Chapter 4 review! coming for all of us, as the Baba Yaga himself won't be felled by any mere fall. So, for all that thought Mr. Wick's last chapter was his last, we've got all the news and information you need to get caught up. Plus, we've just learned some pretty awesome casting news (as well as another returning cast member who is welcome, but not exactly surprising).

We may not have the luxuries of The Continental hotel, but we're aiming to be as informative as Charon and as courteous as Winston. But, of course, expect some spoilers for the previous John Wick films, but you wouldn't dare skip ahead would you? The High Table would frown on that decision. And you don't want to get on their bad side.

John Wick: Chapter 4 trailer

The John Wick 4 trailer shows off Wick's latest adversaries, and how they'll differ in fighting style. Donnie Yen and Reeves will fight with guns and swords. Bill Skarsgård's character will have a wild west style with Wick.

John Wick: Chapter 4 release date is here

John Wick is rarely stopped, but the John Wick 4 release date was kicked back a lot. Instead of the original May 2021 date, or the May 2022 date, John Wick Chapter 4 arrived on March 24, 2023.

The delay is connected to the Covid-19 film production delays, but not in a direct way. Keanu Reeves' obligation to film The Matrix 4 (also delayed) meant that John Wick 4 had to delay as well.

John Wick: Chapter 4 cast

Only some casting has been announced, but we've already got a handle on who to expect in John Wick 4. That starts with Ian McShane reprising the role of Winston. He played a major part in Wick's downfall from The Continental's roof, but the two still seem to be in cahoots.

We believe that Winston did what he did to help Wick escape The High Table, and give him the ultimate cover: the assumption of death.

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New additions to the cast for John Wick: Chapter 4 include Bill Skarsgård as Marquis Vincent de Gramont, Hiroyuki Sanada as Shimazu, Clancy Brown as a Harbinger and Donnie Yen as Caine. Skarsgård will play the violent Marquis, Sanada's Shimazu seems to be a poential ally, Brown is connected to the High Table and Yen? Donnie Yen's character will fight John Wick. We don't need to say more there, do we?

Laurence Fishburne told Collider that he's coming back as the Bowery King, and will be going to Berlin to shoot. After Wick fell, he was delivered to the King, and the two seem to be uniting to eliminate The High Table.

The big news (per Deadline) is that Donnie Yen (Ip Man, Rogue One) will be joining John Wick. The modern action movie icon will be playing a character who is an old friend of Wick's with a similar background and list of foes.

The Lance Reddick is in John Wick 4 as Charon, the concierge at the Continental Hotel in New York City.

Deadline reports that the new cast member in John Wick 4 will be Japanese-British pop star Rina Sawayama. The film will be her feature film debut, as Sawayama's had a solo career starting since 2013.

John Wick: Chapter 4 plot

So, anyone putting two and two together at home can see where John Wick 4 is likely going. Cast into the darkness, and presumed dead, Wick is likely going to be set on unraveling The High Table.

In the aforementioned interview with Collider, Fishburne said "I read the script. It's really, really cool. As much as it's the same world as the other three films, it's just deeper. It's much deeper in terms of the code of the assassin and the relationship that he has with one character in particular who I think Mr. Watanabe is playing... is really the heart and soul of it."

The movie will film in Berlin and Paris primarily, as well as New York City and Japan, so expect another globe-trotting jaunt for Mr. Wick.

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    John Wick: Chapter 4 release date and everything we know so far (2024)


    John Wick: Chapter 4 release date and everything we know so far? ›

    John Wick is rarely stopped, but the John Wick 4 release date was kicked back a lot. Instead of the original May 2021 date, or the May 2022 date, John Wick Chapter 4 arrived on March 24, 2023.

    Is John Wick 5 confirmed? ›

    Even though John Wick 5 has been confirmed to be in development (probably), we don't yet have an official release date for the next movie as of April 2024. The next John Wick movie we see will be the Ana de Armas-led spin-off Ballerina, which takes place between Chapters 3 and 4 in the timeline.

    What were the last words Winston said in John Wick 4? ›

    “Who knows,” says Winston. The King chuckles to himself as he walks away. Winston stays behind, touches John's grave, and mutters, “Farewell, my son,” in Russian. Then he too walks away, as the camera cranes up.

    Is Winston John Wick's dad? ›

    Fictional character biography. John was born Jardani Jovonovich in a Padhorje village somewhere in the Byelorussian SSR of the Soviet Union to a Ruska Roma family on September 2, 1964. He was orphaned at a young age before being taken in by an old friend of his father, Winston, who would eventually become John's mentor ...

    Is there a hidden scene in John Wick: Chapter 4? ›

    Chapter 4 includes a post-credits sequence that picks back up with Wick's frienemy Caine (Donnie Yen), now also free of the High Table, who is on the way to visit his daughter for the first time in years. As he approaches her, a woman emerges from the crowd, brandishing a knife.

    Who is Mr. Nobody in John Wick 4? ›

    Mr. Nobody is a mysterious hitman in John Wick: Chapter 4, known for his killer dog, combat skills, and journal of sketches and prices on John Wick's head. Despite being hired to kill John Wick, Mr. Nobody ends up saving him more often and becomes an ally, providing comic relief and a potential spinoff opportunity.

    Who is Keanu Reeves' daughter? ›

    Why does Winston call John Wick's son? ›

    Winston's "son" line could be figurative, as people often say this to close friends of no blood relation, or a sign that Winston thought of John like a son, but combined with the tattoo, suspicions arise. What makes Winston's final words to John even more suspicious is the language in which he speaks them.

    Is Yen John Wick's mother? ›

    In a shocking revelation, it's theorized that John Wick is, in fact, the son of Frankie and Yen. This means that the ties that bind him to the world of “The Continental” are far more personal than anyone could have imagined! “IT'S ABOUT FAMILY”.

    How did Caine lose his eyes? ›

    It's implied that Caine's blindness was part of his deal for retirement, similar to how the Marquis Vincent de Gramont forced Mr. Nobody to maim his own hand as part of their deal. When asked about it, Caine states that the High Table didn't take his eyes, but rather that Caine gave them to the High Table.

    Is Marcus John Wick's dad? ›

    Is Marcus John Wick's Dad? Marcus, who we see in the first movie, appears to be only an old friend of John's. It's easy to wonder if there's a family connection between the two with Marcus' desire to keep John alive and aid him against Viggo Tarasov. It seems unlikely that Marcus is John Wick's father, though.

    Who is John Wick's greatest enemy? ›

    This fight, and their other clashes throughout the movie, show that Zero is likely the greatest individual threat that John Wick has ever had to deal with. Zero was also one of the more fun characters in the franchise, with some amusing fight scenes, despite the serious nature of his mission to kill John.

    Who is John Wick's adoptive sister? ›

    John travels to the Berlin headquarters of the Ruska Roma crime syndicate, with whom he had severed ties, to request readmission. His adoptive sister Katia stipulates that for readmission, John must kill Killa Harkan, a High Table member who was paid by the Marquis to murder her father.

    Is there John Wick 5? ›

    Writing for John Wick 5 began despite the initial setback of the 2023 writers' strike, as revealed by Drake during a November 2023 earnings call. The film is anticipated to hit theaters in 2026, with a potential release in 2027 also under consideration.

    Is there an alternate ending to John Wick 4? ›

    In a new interview with Empire magazine, Stahelski confirmed that he filmed two different endings for the movie during production, one of which would have ended the speculation over John Wick's fate. However, test audiences saw both versions and the ending that ended up in theaters garnered a better reception.

    What could John Wick 5 be about? ›

    How many John Wick movies are there going to be? ›

    The franchise began with the release of John Wick in 2014, followed by three sequels: Chapter 2 in 2017, Chapter 3 – Parabellum in 2019, and Chapter 4 in 2023.

    How much did Keanu Reeves make for John Wick 4? ›

    Keanu Reeves has made $22 million for playing John Wick, with the bulk of that being his $15 million salary for John Wick: Chapter 4. Reeves' salaries for the earlier John Wick movies ranged from $1-2 million to $2-2.5 million, showing a significant increase over time.

    What is the next Keanu Reeves movie? ›

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